Sunday, 16 December 2012

Weird and Wacky: Tear gas thrown at Sarajevo concert

Serbian turbo-folk singer Aca Lukas.
If the story about Belgrade commuters kicking inspectors off their bus the other day wasn't odd enough, this tale from Sarajevo will surely leave you scratching your head:

Bosnian news portal Klix is reporting tear gas was thrown at one of the entrances to a Sarajevo concert by a Serbian turbo-folk singer on Saturday.

Local police from the Sarajevo Canton confirmed the tear gas incident, which appeared to target patrons entering the city's Olympic Hall Zetra ahead of a concert by Aca Lukas.

Detailing eyewitness accounts, the Klix report stated the 'tear gas caused panic among the visitors, who started running with tears in their eyes.'

The portal claims a group of 10 people, apparently dissatisfied with the presence of the Serbian folk performer, began insulting and swearing at concert-goers as they arrived at the arena.

Despite the tear gas incident, the Lukas concert went ahead as scheduled.

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