Monday, 17 December 2012

Things I'll Miss About Bosnia: #7

Awesome food and its affordability

A fresh loaf of bread from the bakery costs a mere 60 cents (AUD)!

Growing up in Australia, I have become rather accustomed to food being quite high on the expensive scale.

Whether it was forking out $8 (AUD) for a standard McDonalds meal or $3.50 for a nice loaf of bread - it always seemed like it was a bit much. 

So it was to my pleasant surprise when I arrived in Bosnia last year to find myself dining-in-style, all the while spending peanuts!

OK, OK, I know .. it is a bit of a Catch-22. Food and such being so cheap is not always a good thing; often it coincides with a fledgling or run-down economy (such as is the case in Bosnia-Herzegovina). 

But that doesn't mean I can't enjoy the fact I am -- finally -- buying food at a reasonable price, right?

I know what sort of sky-high costs are waiting for me when I return home, so let me appreciate this opportunity!

Eating freshly-cooked cevapi for around $2.50. A standard tub of yoghurt for $1.50. Or a large packet of chips for less than a dollar. 

If you're an Aussie like myself, you are probably salivating at the mere thought of such affordable prices! 

Oh, and yeah, the Catch-22 probably applies here, too: I think I have stacked on a few kilos since arriving in this part of the world .. but "nema veze" as they say locally. Never mind - just enjoy life.

And I am!

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