Sunday, 2 December 2012

Things I'll Miss About Bosnia: #6

The Mountainous Landscape

Zenica is a city nestled between various hills and


It's funny how I have become so used to waking up to the sight of this every morning. 

Growing up in several different areas of Victoria back home, it was the total opposite. Simply put; Victoria (and, you could say, Australia in general) is flat. Bosnia and Herzegovina is anything but. And I love this difference!

The mountainous, hilly terrain in this region of the Balkans is a truly magnificent sight. It is hard to explain the real aesthetic beauty of these in words. Sometimes, only photos can do the explaining, or, better yet, actually seeing them with your own eyes.

The amount of towns and cities nestled in between all these mountains is actually quite astonishing - as is the gradient and size on some of the mountains!

It is not far from my apartment to where the mountains begin!
A few months ago, I made the decision to trek up Smetovi, which is the highest mountain in the Zenica region. 

It's fair to say I underestimated how long it would take to reach the top - resulting in a 12-hour journey up and back - but it was a nice experience which provided me with an opportunity to catch awesome views across all of Zenica as I walked up the mountain.

Can you imagine something similar in Melbourne? Lets be honest, I don't think the top of the You Yangs would give you a close-up view of a city like Smetovi does, nor would Mount Dandenong.

So, unlike back in Oz where we have to pack the car and go for a day-trip to see the mountains, here in Bosnia-Herzegovina we kind of live in the mountains!

Very, very cool stuff.

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