Thursday, 6 December 2012

VIDEO: A snapshot of my day in Bosnia.

Many of my friends often ask me two things: (1) 'What do you do with your day?' and, (2) 'How is your Bosnian these days?'

Tired of answering these questions on a daily basis, I decided to make this video for them (and for you) to enjoy - or cringe over. Whichever is your preference.

This is just a casual Thursday in which I decided to film a few things in the space of one hour, with the aim of giving you some idea of my daily life here, and what my surrounds look like.

None of it is serious, so, please, try not and take offence at anything I say.

Just see it for what it is: an extremely low-budget flick, one which documents my unique adventure, and hopefully raises a laugh or two in the process - or teaches you some things that you didn't know previously.

Screw it -- just watch me making a fool of myself already!


  1. Man you should make an video blogg on youtube instead :D! I would really to follow you! Sve naj bolje prijatelju! :)

  2. Hvala, Armin! Maybe one day, when I have better camera equipment ;)