Saturday, 8 December 2012

Some Saturday Satires

(Source: WesternRifleShooters.files.
  • 'Studying a foreign language starts with swearwords, enough to know half of Bosnian.' 

  • 'Milošević is convicted by the court, but the judge does not know what would be his worst punishment. He decides to sentence Milošević to live on a Bosnian pension.' 

  • 'A man from Bosnia and a man from Japan were talking about priorities in life. The man from Japan said: For me, Japan is first, then my job, and then comes the family. The person from Bosnia said: For me, it is the opposite, first comes my family, then my job, and then comes Japan.' 

  • 'Journalists ask Mujo what he thinks about the big cross that the Croats constructed on the Hum hill above Mostar. Mujo says, “I think it is a big plus for Bosnia and Herzegovina.”'
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