Saturday, 15 December 2012

Some Saturday Satires: Mujo and Haso

Here are a couple of classic Mujo and Haso jokes to brighten up your Saturday - thanks to

For those who don't know:
"Mujo and Haso are Bosnian national joke idols for many decades before. There is a million jokes about Mujo and Haso from ex-Yugoslavian region. Everybody here knows about them. And a movie was made about these two guys by Ranko Đurić Đuro and Igor Arih in Slovenia (ex-Yugoslavian country).

Often there is one women in their jokes and her name is Fata. Also, sometimes there is third funny guy called Suljo."
To give you a hint, Mujo and Haso jokes are typically simple and sharp, with a common theme revolving around light-hearted digs at the IQ of the iconic pair.

Now, time for some cheap laughs:

1. Fata and doctor
Fata is taken by intensive care to the city hospital. Mujo is waiting for the doctor in front of the main entrance. The doctor came out and talked to Mujo:

- "Your Fata is not looking good."
- "Doctor, I know that, but she is a good cooker, she is good with our children and that is the reason why she is my wife."

2. Football game and beer
Mujo and Haso went to football game. They made an agreement - when any team scores a goal they will take one pint of beer. The football match ended with score 0:0. Then Mujo said to Haso:

- "Haso, lets go to the basketball game!"

3. Kawasaki
Haso and their friends were sitting in bar. First they heard:

- "Wroaaaarrrrrrrrrrr!!!! Wrrrrrrrrrrrrruum!!!"

...and went out to see what is going on. And they saw Mujo riding Kawasaki in main street. Mujo was yelling:

- "Does anybody here have Kawasaki like mine?!!?? Does anybody here have Kawasaki like mine??!??"

Haso just bought the same but little bit better motorbike. So, Haso yell at Mujo:

- "I have!"

- "Haso, can you tell me how to turn it down???!!"

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