Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Weird and Wacky: Passengers kick ticket inspectors off bus in Belgrade!

Belgrade's buses were at a standstill yesterday.
(Source: Telegraf.rs)
Now here's a rather unusual story being reported by Serbian news portal Telegraf today.

Apparently a number of Belgrade bus passengers were so peeved with large delays caused by snowfall yesterday, that when several ticket inspectors attempted to enter the vehicle, they simply kicked them off!

Belgrade Mayor Dragan Dilas had previously ordered the inspectors not to evict passengers without tickets from the city's buses, trolleybuses and trams while the temperatures outside were below zero.

So, when the inspectors began to appear on the buses yesterday -- which were already up to one hour behind schedule -- some "nervous" (the term used by the news portal) passengers decided to push the inspectors out onto the street!

The Telegraf reported that a mere 20 centimetres of snow fell on Belgrade yesterday, causing major disruptions to the flow of traffic in central areas.

Hopefully the city's public transport systems manage better over the next few months - when much more snow is expected.


  1. I'm an Aussie working in London and it can't be half as bad here as it is in Bosnia! I work for a UK news oranisation, Newsflare, who's keen to have landscape videos of the deep snow fall in Bosnia. If you're keen to have your video potentially shown on an international news channel then please register with Newsflare (don't worry its free) and start uploading. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the information about Newsflare, Christiana!
    I'll have a deeper look at the website and such when I have spare time later this evening. Cheers.