Tuesday, 27 November 2012

You know you're Bosnian when ... (Part Two)

(Source: Eurovision.tv)
Okay, so you enjoyed the first part? Here is the second instalment for you.

Doesn't matter if you are Bosnian or not, I hope you can raise at least a laugh or two!

You know you're Bosnian when:

  • Your parents tell you that they had you, AND your sister/brother when they were your age.
  • A "couple of days" really means a week or so.
  • Your parents have "goblene" (needlepoint) on their walls, and "heklanje" (fine handmade lace) on every piece of their furniture, including the TV.
  • Your parents make "zimnica" (canned vegetables) every September.
  • Your mother threatens you with "samo cekaj dok ti se babo vrati kuci" (just wait until your dad comes home).
  • You spend all of your family vacations in Neum (only section of Bosnia on the Adriatic Sea).
  • You drive there in a family "golf" (small as a yugo).
  • You take a car to go everywhere.
  • You begin most sentences with "jebi ga" (f**k it), "svega mi" (I swear on everything) or "Tita mi" (I swear on Tito).
  • Your young cousin doesn't know what "Tita mi" means.
  • You can't explain what "bolan" means, but you use it all the time.
  • You're the only one who gets all the Mujo and Suljo jokes.
  • You know the entire script of "Walter brani Sarajevo" by heart.
  • You despise your cousin who's going out with an "unproforac" (UN worker).
  • Your mother bakes a cake without oil, sugar, eggs or flour, and she calls it a 'war cake'.
  • Time is divided into 'before' and 'after' the war.
  • Your father refers to all politicians as "djubrad" (idiots), "lopovi" (con-artists) and "kriminalci" (criminals).
  • You have at least one best friend from high school who went to "their side" and you still can't explain it to yourself.
  • Your remaining friends from high school live in Australia, Norway, Germany and Malaysia.
  • You don't want to talk about the war to anyone, but that's the only thing you talk about with other Bosnians.
  • You have at least three passports, and have lived in at least four countries in the last 12 years.

Thanks, 'Samaha'!

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