Friday, 16 November 2012


Earlier today I notched up my 25,000th view on this blog.

When I realise that this is one-quarter of the way to 100,000, I simply cannot believe it. This is a milestone I never thought I would reach when I began this blog - and to reach it in only a matter of months? Just wow.

Thank you to all of my readers whether you're from Cyprus, India, Indonesia, Egypt, USA, Sweden, or any other one of the various nations I have received feedback and compliments from.

It is not important if you had a look at my page just one time - I am simply glad for the time you took to read what I am writing about; and I hope they provided something to you, whether they were informative, humorous or otherwise - these are the reasons I write the stuff I write.

Once again, thank you to everyone. I hope you will stick around as I continue this journey :)

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