Thursday, 29 November 2012

Humanitarian Concert for Amina Halilic (Zenica)

Singing for Amina: An ever-present reminder that the
occasion was all about helping the 15-year-old.
On Wednesday evening, a charity concert was organised to raise money for young Zenica local, Amina Halilic, who suffers from a rare heart condition.

I had the fantastic opportunity to go along to the event staged at Zenica's National Theatre, with the night aimed at helping Halilic's family find the 6,000 BAM ($3,800 AUD) necessary to fly Amina to Turkey for medical examinations, which will determine if her condition is treatable.

With an entry fee of 5 BAM, the arena was packed to not only help out the 15-year-old, but also to catch a glimpse of a number of famous - and, well, not-so-famous - local acts.

Performers ranged from reality television singers, to tradition Bosnian folk dancers, to, even, local kindergarten kids having a bit of a sing!

It was a very enjoyable evening, with a good vibe prevalent throughout the two-and-half-hour show. Most importantly, however, it served to greatly assist a young teenager and her family, who really need all the help they can receive.

By the end of the concert, around 4000 BAM had been raised, with local organisations, such as Hotel Dubrovnik, stating that they will pay the remaining funds which are required for Halilic's trip.

A fantastic result, and lets all hope and wish that it is a good outcome for Amina in Turkey.

Luckily, I took my camera along with me to take a couple of photos and videos of the evening. Take a look!



rustywoodger's Charity Concert for Amina Halilic album on Photobucket

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