Monday, 19 November 2012


Hey guys,

Sorry as I failed to inform you, but I've been away since Saturday afternoon in the city of Tuzla, so was unable to update this page at all.

However, just for the sake of informing you, it was an enjoyable few days up there, and I am glad for taking the opportunity to see the area.

For those who are wondering, Tuzla is the fourth-largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a population of around 120,000 - making it slightly bigger than Zenica. It has a very nice central area with clean parks and restaurants with decent food. If you have the time and you are in the area, Tuzla is definitely worth visiting so as to gain a taste of 'real' Bosnia!

If you want to read up a bit more on this city, click here.

Here are one or two photos to give you an idea of what Tuzla looks like:


  1. Looks beautiful mate. Very colourful!

  2. That´s a bg difference between Germany and Bosnia, former Yugoslavia: in Bosnia you can color your house almost any color you want, but here in Germany you have stick to subtle hues.
    I always loved the colorful houses as a child and I still do.