Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Fact of the Day: Unexploded mines in BiH

A common sight across many areas
of Bosnia-Herzegovina.
(Source: en.wikipedia.org)
There currently exists an estimated 650,000 unexploded mines 220,000 unexploded mines in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This reportedly covers up to 2.8% of the nation's entire territory.

Since the end of the Balkan War during the mid 1990s, there have been significant efforts from BiH and international organisations to clear the country of these dangerous explosives.

The Bosnia-Herzegovina Mine Action Centre holds the goal of a mine-less nation by 2019.


  1. Where do you have this number from? Wikipedia (which is well-regarded source, I know ...) lists 'only' some 220k by the end of 2008.


  2. I was utilizing information from this Press Release , however, upon deeper research after reading your comment, I discovered that the information from this 2010 release is quoting land mine numbers from 2004!

    As you said, 220k seems much more on the ball. Wikipedia didn't provide much sources for that number, but here I found some:


    Thanks, 'RWDE'. This post updated accordingly! :)

  3. Sorry, for some odd reason the links I posted disappeared when I clicked 'publish'(!?).

    Here, I will try again:

    The 2010 press release -

    The two other sources which state there are currently 220k landmines in BiH -



    Lets hope that works this time! :)