Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Snow expected on Friday

A wave of unusually warm weather across BiH is set to come to a finish this week, with the onset of cold winter days expected to take over, according to Bosnian news portal Ekskluziva.

Despite today's top temperature of 17°C in Zenica, local weather forecasts predict that the maximum will drop to 7°C and then 6°C on Friday and Saturday respectively.

Ekskluziva reports that Friday's expected rain will eventually turn into sleet and snow during the afternoon (woo!).

Therefore, it seems like the real Bosnian winter is just about to begin. Need I remind you of the extremes that last season's snow season brought?

Check out this photo of me a day after arriving in Sarajevo in February earlier this year!

Bring it on again, I say!

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