Sunday, 11 November 2012

Things I'll miss about Bosnia: #5


I confess, this is the first thing I found in Google Images when
I searched 'Bosnian taxi'!
Well, there I go again. Yes, it might seem pretty random; but I am going to miss the taxi service that exists here in Zenica!

Now, come on, lets be honest for a minute. How many times have us Australians - or, at least, Victorians - commiserated over our own taxis? Ridiculous fares, not being able to find a spare cab - these things irk all of us from time-to-time!

Luckily, these issues certainly do not exist here.

Almost every fare in Zenica, no matter if you are headed from one side of the city to the other, has a flat-fee of 1.50 BAM (less than one Australian dollar), with no hidden additional fees.

Even in Sarajevo, with the so-called 'expensive' taxis (which use a fare meter), getting around is much easier on your wallet than it is down-under. Last weekend, I caught a cab from the Bascarsija centre to a suburb about 10 minutes away, and it only set me back around $6 AUD. Nice!

Further to all this, hailing a taxi down on the street is usually never a problem. Unlike back home, taxi drivers here will pick up multiple passengers on their way down any selected route.

Although this can sometimes be slightly annoying when you have to make a detour for someone else, it usually works to your favour when you do not have to wait for 40 taxis to fly past you before one finally pulls over!

So, dear Melbourne (and the rest of Australia); I know you probably never expected to hear this, but, when it comes to taxi services and making customers happy, take some hints from those over here in Bosnia!


  1. Melbourne is good in yellow taxi service. You can hire a taxi at anytime either in midnight or too early in the morning. Their service is too fast and available 24x7.

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  3. Most of Bosnian taxies are pretty decent, but there are some that you must avoid. Those stationed at airports (especially the one in Sarajevo) as well as those in major bus terminals, tend to rip off tourists and any other people new to Bosnia :)

  4. Yep, that's for sure 'thekupus.'
    That's common for many cities popular with tourists. I learned that lesson when I caught a taxi from the train station to airport in Budapest last year. Argh, never again!
    If you can speak the language, it's definitely worth calling up the 'Crveni (Red) Taxi,' which they have in Sarajevo. Can easily save you several marks.