Monday, 13 August 2012

Six-year-old child dies in mine explosion.

Mourners gather for the funeral of Tarik Bijelic, a
six-year-old boy killed by a landmine in east Bosnia
last Friday.
A six-year-old has died after a mine exploded near the Bosnian town of Olova on Friday.

The explosion, which occurred in a marked minefield, killed Tarik Bijelic instantly and seriously injured his father.

Local media reports state that the pair were out "collecting firewood" when the incident happened, with the father regularly risking his life by entering the minefield because "he had no job" and struggled to "provide for his family."

Since the conclusion of the Bosnian war 17 years ago, Bosnia's Mine Action Centre estimates unexploded war ordnance have killed or injured around 1,700 people, including 230 children.

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