Friday, 10 August 2012

Ramadan: Where am I at?

A number of Muslim women enjoy Iftar (dinner) together
during Ramadan. (Source:
Zdravo svima; Hello everyone.

As I haven't updated my Ramadan activities for a number of days, some of you are probably wondering my current Ramadan 'status', if you will.

So, this post is to very quickly update you on my lack of progress, again, this week.

Unfortunately, my headache and sore throat have persisted for a number of days, which meant that fasting was probably not the best idea anyway. Furthermore, as I stated in my previous post this morning, I was together in Sarajevo with a Melburnian friend of mine from Monday until yesterday.

As you may have noted from my last Ramadan entry prior to this one, the Quran outlines that those who are 'journeying' (read: travelling) are not expected to fast on those days. Therefore, I have a little bit more support on my side for not fasting whilst in Sarajevo.

Anyway, rather than harping on the negatives, I'm looking towards the future once again. I have ear-marked Sunday for my return to fasting. Regardless of my setbacks, reaching that fourteen-day milestone remains my primary goal, and I will not settle for anything less.

Also looking to the future - and stepping away from Ramadan for a moment - I shall be bringing you a number of new topics to this blog. Over the next couple of days, subjects will cover a broad area; from Australian tourists in Bosnia-Herzegovina, to the Islamic celebration of 'Bajram', as well as to plenty of other discussion areas.

I look forward to discussing these topics with you and, please, do not hesitate to provide your own opinion to any of the points raised.

I greatly value free speech, and it's always eye-opening to hear differing perspectives from people from all corners of the globe.

Enjoy and, if you won't be around to read my pieces, I hope you enjoy your weekend!

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