Friday, 4 January 2013

Top 10 most popular articles in 2012

There's little doubting 2012 was a special year for myself. Among the many events which were going on in my life last year, creating the Aussie in Bosnia page ranks up there as one of the most memorable.

Since its launch in June, 189 posts have been published on the blog, in the process attracting in excess of 33,000 views, at an average of more than 170 views per day.

Listed here are the 10 most popular Aussie in Bosnia articles from 2012.

Taking out the top two spots were stories about Senad Hadzic's trek on foot from his northern Bosnian home-town to the Saudi city of Mecca as part of the Islamic Hajj pilgrimage.

Also featuring highly were articles I penned involving some of my personal experiences in Bosnia, including my first introduction to the Bajram (Bayram) religious holiday, as well as attending a local football match in Zenica.

1. Senad Hadzic closes in on Saudi Arabia - 2025 hits

2. Senad Hadzic update [Oct 18, 2012] - 1266 hits

3. Bajram 2012 in Bosnia! - 994 hits

4. My football experience: Celik Zenica - Velez Mostar - 822 hits

5. Best Balkan meals! - 752 hits

6. Senad Hadzic reaches Mecca - 585 hits

7. The dark side of Zenica - 509 hits

8. Robijasi Zenica - 469 hits

9. Street Workout Zenica-style! - 270 hits

10. Hamish and Andy in Mostar! - 256 hits

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