Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Film: ZENICA (1957)

(Source: ZenicaBlog)
Along with the film 'Uzavreli Grad' ('Burning City'), 'ZENICA' is one of the best-known feature-length movies about the city created during the mid-twentieth century.

Filmed in 1957 -- no less than 56 years ago -- the 78-minute black-and-white production revolves around the industrialisation of Zenica, which is also widely referred to as Steel City due to its long history of metal production.

Although the film is obviously in Bosnian language, and therefore a large number of you (including me!) will not be able to understand much, it is still worth skipping through the video and checking out the scenery of this city as it was more than half a century ago.

If you have been to Zenica before, it is likely you will recognise some of the shooting locations for the picture.

Otherwise, perhaps you can match-up some of the areas with decades-old photos previously posted on this blog:

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