Friday, 11 January 2013

A Few Friday Funnies - Mujo and Haso

It's been a pretty slow day, so lets brighten it up a little bit with some Mujo and Haso gags.

Mujo and Haso catch kids smoking cigarettes.
- What are you doing!?
- Do you know smoking takes away 50% of your life!? How old are you?
- 12.
- Well if you hadn't smoked, you would be 24 now!

Mujo befriends a Japanese man who was visiting Sarajevo. The Japanese man says:
- Let me show you something Japanese.
After Mujo gives his consent, the Japanese man screams and hits Mujo in the nose with his fist. After falling over, Mujo asks:
- What is that?
- We in Japan call that Karate. Want me to show you another Japanese thing?
Mujo agrees and this time the Japanese man swings his leg up and kicks Mujo in the face. Mujo:
- And what is that?
- Well, that's the Japanese taekwondo.
- OK, how about I show you something Japanese now?
The Japanese man is surprised that Mujo would know anything Japanese and therefore agrees. So, Mujo takes a crowbar and starts beating up the Japanese man. The Japanese man:
- What here is Japanese!?
- It's a tailpipe directly from the new Toyota model.

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