Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Sarajevo's Gazi Husrev-Beg Madrasa turns 476

The Gazi Husrev-Beg Madrasa in Sarajevo.
(Source: hijab-bosnia.blogspot.com)
The oldest educational institution in Bosnia-Herzegovina celebrated its 476th birthday today.

The Gazi Husrev-Beg Madrasa, located in the old Turkish quarter of Sarajevo, has been in continuous operation since its foundation on January 8, 1537.

A vocational school specialising in the teachings of Islam -- whilst retaining much of the traditional curriculum taught across other BiH institutions -- the Madrasa was established by Gazi Husrev-Beg, the grandson of Ottoman Sultan Bayezid II.

Since its inception, the school has been credited as shaping the lives and careers of many prominent Bosnian identities, with its honour roll including the nation's Grand Mufti, Husein Kavazovic, as well as the current Mayor of Zenica, Husejin Smajlovic.

Both men were present at a Sarajevo ceremony today to celebrate the anniversary, with Kavazovic telling an audience of the effect the Madrasa had on his life.

"In this school I spent four years," Kavazovic said. "The best in my life happened right here under this roof.

"This school has shaped my life and was always with me. The thing that will remain with those of us who attended this school is the generosity of the people who raised and taught us."

For a greater history lesson on the Gazi Husrev-Beg Madrasa, check out THIS 2008 piece from 'Hijab-Bosnia.'


  1. With all due respect for old architecture, the honor roll of this school is first and foremost part of Bosnia's problems and not the solution. I bet you not only the 56% non-muslims in this country will agree.

  2. Interesting point of view, Tazm.
    From living in Zenica, I know there's many locals not too fond of Mayor Husejin Smajlovic; though, I'd love to hear you go a bit deeper with your perspectives on this - if you have the time. :)