Saturday, 5 January 2013

Two Saturday Satires - Mujo, Haso, Fata and Suljo

These jokes should provide
you with some comic relief.
Mujo and Fata are sitting in a cafe drinking coffee. Suddenly, an attractive blonde girl approaches Mujo and kisses him.

Fata, surprised, asks Mujo:
- Tell me, who is this girl?

Mujo answers:
- Well, this is my mistress.

A bit confused, Fata asks:
- And what is a mistress?

So Mujo explains to Fata that, in a modern world, every man has a mistress. Fata listens to him and falls silent. After some time, Mujo points at an attractive brunette sitting a few tables away.
- Look, Fata, there is Suljo's mistress.

Fata responds with pride in her voice:
- Well, I must say that our mistress is much prettier.

It's wartime in Bosnia, and Haso is searching a local village. Entering one of the houses, he discovers an old lamp. He touches it and, magically, a ghost comes out from it!

The ghost says:
- You gave me freedom, so I'll make one of your wishes become reality!

- I thought you are supposed to grant me three wishes?

- Well, you know how war is, and so on ..

- Ok, stop this war. Here is the map of Bosnia; divide it fairly and stop the war.

- Oh, no, that is too big a job. That is for some politician, not a ghost.

- Well, then .. make my Fata a beautiful girl.

- Ok.

So, the ghost brings Fata, then starts to look at her ... look at her ... and look at her.

- Haso, my brother, give me that map again!


  1. Here is one of my favorites from the Haso and Mujo franchise:

    A journalist is asking Mujo, who is a Bosnian Muslim a question:
    “Mujo, what do you think about the huge Cross which the Croatian Catholics erected on top of Hum Hill in Mostar?”

    Mujo, thought for a minute then replied:
    “Hmmm.. Well I think it is a big PLUS for Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

    Go here for details:

    By the way, love your Zenica stories. Sounds familiar. I married a woman from Zenica and I thought I was the only guy who genuinely liked the place. We are based in Munich (a one night bus ride away). See you at the BiH-Greece qualifier in March!

  2. Good day!