Thursday, 10 January 2013

Dear Bosnia, where is the snow!?

Snowfall in Sarajevo during 2012. On a side note, this is
quite possibly the street I was residing in during my few
months in Sarajevo last year.
When there was no snow on Christmas Day, I was disappointed, but re-assured myself: "Don't worry, mate, there'll probably be some snowfall on New Year's Eve."

There wasn't.

Now we are ten days into January and there is still no snow - at least not here in Zenica.

Early yesterday morning, there was a bit of a fall, but it was all too brief, with all build-up melting away in minutes as soon as the sun reared itself.

With my return to Australia merely a matter of weeks away, I am starting to ponder if I will ever see a decent snowfall here again.

Yeah, yeah .. OK. I can hear some of you saying it. "Be careful what you wish for, Rusty. You remember how it snowed last year."

Whilst that is true, and I do not want to see that much snow as before, I still want to see something!

So, come on weather god(s), give me something nice to remember Bosnia by just before I go.

You all saw how I was like a kid when quite a bit of snow fell little more than a month ago:

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