Sunday, 22 July 2012

Ramadan: Day Two.

Day two of my Ramadan 'fasting experience' has finally come to a conclusion.

(But I will try to keep this entry brief, guys.)

What can I say? Today proved a much larger challenge than yesterday!

Maybe it was fate that wished to challenge me after my display of a little bit of cockiness - or over-confidence - on the first day.

The day wasn't off to a great start when I only managed seven hours asleep - waking up in sweaty conditions around 10.30am. At that time, with a casual ten hours remaining until the end of the day's fast, I was already dehydrated and hungry!

I wasn't going to fall down easily, however, and I managed to stick it out once again, though somewhat more painfully than the previous day. Some stomach pains and tiredness were persistent but, lets be honest, these Ramadan-related blog entries aren't entirely about me.

So, to shift the conversation;

I just want to say that I was - and still am(!) - amazed by the amount of people I witnessed attending prayers at the local mosque this evening.

Although, of course, I was unable to gather anywhere near an exact figure, I estimate that there must have been up to 500 people - more or less - who were in attendance.

More spectacular was the fact that almost, literally, all age groups were represented, with son-mother-and-grandparent combinations a common sight.

I was impressed, and it further re-installed - to me - the importance of religion in this city and nation, as well as providing a clue that this will be the case for many generations to come.

Quite different to Australia - whether good, bad or neither - I must say!
Anyway, speak to you tomorrow, time for some much-needed sleep!

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