Saturday, 7 July 2012

A provocation from Republika Srpska in Srebrenica?

Bosnian daily newspaper Dnevni Avaz is today reporting that a festival - featuring activities such as football tournaments and concerts - is set to take place in Srebrenica over the same date that the town commemorates the murder of more than 8000 Bosnian Muslims seventeen years ago.

"Petrov's Days", a six-day event marking a celebration in the Orthodox calendar, is due to occur in the regions of Srebrenica and Bratunac from today until Thursday July 12, leaving the Organizing Committee for the 17th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre - taking place this Wednesday - outraged.

The cemetary at Potacari, near the town of
Srebrenica. (Source:
The committee has labelled it as a clear provocation from Republika Srpska - the self-governing Serbian political entity which holds legal authority over the district of Srebrenica - and has expressed concerns over public safety.

A statement released by the committee appeals to the organisers of the "Petrov's Days" festival to shift the event to a different time, "when the security situation will be much more favourable for the realisation of these activities."

Some, however, believe the Organising Committee is over-reacting. 

A comment from 'Amir' on Serbian news portal Blic stated, 'I am Muslim but a lot of time has passed, life goes on, let everyone live how they want!', while another commented that 'this is too much politicisation'. 

More than 30,000 people, including survivors and family members of the deceased, are expected in Srebrenica on Wednesday to mark the anniversary of the massacre. 

A total of 520 newly-identified victims, including six minors and three women, are due to be buried on the day.

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