Tuesday, 23 October 2012

What's in a name? 'Bosnia-Herzegovina'

The name 'Bosnia' is derived from an Indo-European word, 'Bosana'; meaning 'water'. This can be put down to the fact that there exists a vast array of rivers, lakes and waterfalls in the area - not to mention a small strip of the Adriatic Sea.

'Herzegovina', on the other hand, comes from the name of 'Herceg' Stjepan (Vukcic Kosaca), an ancient ruler of the land throughout the mid-15th century.

The Bosna River.
(Source: admir.net)
Herceg Stjepan.
(Source: geocities.ws)


  1. really exited on your blog entries,
    just found it from somewhere in the internet while I was searching about Senad Hadzic.

    I think I'll start to be your regular reader from now on. haha. ah yes, and I, myself is from Indonesia.

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    1. Thank you, mate, and kind regards to you in Indonesia from here in Zenica!