Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Things I'll miss about Bosnia: #3

Impromptu coffees

Rusty's home-made Bosnian (or Turkish, actually) coffee -
this was my first attempt at it a number of months ago in
Coffee! Now, come on, when people think of modern-day European culture and lifestyle, they sure as hell think of coffee. Bosnia and Herzegovina is certainly no exception to the rule.

People in this part of the world bleed coffee. (I am serious. I think it is in their blood.) It is a daily 'must-do' for everyone in this country, no matter what age.

I know some people here who probably drink close to ten coffees on some days, no kidding!

When I first arrived to Bosnia, I was probably the furthest from a coffee-connoisseur that you could be. However, now - and somewhat thanks to my partner's insistence - I do not think I could survive without a morning caffeine 'fix'.

I have grown to love the coffee culture that exists in this country.

Rather than being crammed indoors on a computer all day, youths here actually go outside to catch up with friends face-to-face - and coffee is the perfect excuse to do that.

Even those who are a bit older, and who struggle to go outside all the time, are always inviting their friends and family over to their home for coffee.

Unfortunately, such a culture is not so prominent in Australia.

Maybe, once I return home, I will attempt to incorporate this culture into my own lifestyle, as well as those of some of my friends and family (yeah, watch out, guys).

However, in a society, such as Australia, where we tend to communicate with people with technology these days rather than face-to-face, I am unsure of how effective it will be.

That does not mean I cannot try, though!

Just ask my partner, even I can make a decent coffee these days - doesn't mean one of my friends can't!

So, bujrum - or 'welcome' - everyone... Would you like your coffee with or without milk?

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