Saturday, 13 October 2012

Sarajevo's 'Solidarity in Action'

Volunteers will be collecting food and other supplies
outside a number of shopping centres across Sarajevo,
including the newly-built BBI Centar in the downtown
area of the city.
Volunteers began working in Sarajevo today on the 'Solidarity in Action' program, an initiative designed to collect and redistribute food to disadvantaged people throughout the city.

The action - organised by the Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina - has seen stalls set up outside a number of Sarajevo's large supermarkets, with volunteers calling on the customers of those stores to spare what they can for the people in need.

The program will run from today and tomorrow, with all food and hygienic supplies collected to be provided to public kitchens and other vulnerable citizens in the Sarajevo district.

It is heart-warming and uplifting to see such initiatives in a country where, despite enduring difficult times, people are still willing to give whatever they can to others less fortunate than themselves.

People can follow updates of the 'Solidarity in Action' program through the Facebook page of Novo Sarajevo's Red Cross group: Hajde! Click here!

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