Friday, 28 September 2012

Things I'll miss about Bosnia: #1

Here is a new little 'segment' I will bring to you on this blog from now on; 'Things I'll miss about Bosnia'.

In case you are unaware, I do intend to be travelling back home to Australia sometime in the next few months. When exactly, I do not know, but the fact is; I will not be in Bosnia forever.

Lately, upon realisation of this, I have begun to appreciate every little thing that I will not have once I am back in Australia.

So, beginning from today, here are just some of those things which I am talking about. Although many, if not most, of them may not exactly be Bosnian, they are stuff which I have found to be freely available in this nation - to the contrary with Australia - and are the little things which have helped build memories of my time here.

Therefore, and without further to do ... I bring you the first cab off the rank.

#1 - Clipsi Max: Sweet Chilli

These are a flavour of potato chips that are sold in just about every supermarket or petrol station I have visited in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). The cost of a standard 35-grams packet is just 60 fenings (that's around 35 cents in Australia). Not bad! They taste brilliant, and are an absolute must-have whenever I simply glimpse at them - even when I am not hungry! Every other flavour I have tasted in BiH certainly pale in comparison.
Indeed, I may need to stock up on a bunch of these before I jet back home; unless someone discovers a store or two in Melbourne that distributes them - I would be greatly indebted to you!
There is no greater feeling than these cone-shaped beauties being munched on in your mouth, believe me.

Just check out what state I am in when I have my hands on these sweet chilli chips(!):

Can't sit still: Shaking with excitement when 'that' red packet is in
my hands. 

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