Sunday, 30 September 2012

Football: Celik Zenica v Zeljeznicar

Finally some photographic proof I was actually at a Celik
There was an atmospheric and enjoyable match of football played last night in Zenica, with Celik playing host to reigning league champions Zeljeznicar.

Sadly - for us 'Zenicani' - Celik was, once again, on the receiving end of a defeat; losing 2-1 on this occasion. After a promising opening month to their campaign, Celik are now languishing in 10th position on the table, with relegation seeming like a greater possibility than any hopes of finishing in a position to qualify for Europe (they would need to finish no lower than fourth).

Nonetheless, as previously stated, the atmosphere was, characteristically, fantastic. It perfectly supported my opinion, less than a fortnight ago, when I stated that football is truly nothing without its fans.

Here are some photos and videos of the evening:

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