Thursday, 18 October 2012

Senad Hadzic update [Oct 18, 2012]

Senad Hadzic upon reaching Saudi Arabia.
Some time has passed since I last updated you all on the progress of Senad Hadzic - the Bosnian native walking the 6,000-kilometre journey from his home-town of Banovici to the Saudi city of Mecca; all as part of the Islamic Hajj pilgrimage - so here is some fresh news.

It was revealed on the official Facebook page dedicated to Hadzic's trek that today, after 314 days and 5,700 kilometres of walking, Senad had made it to the historic Saudi Arabian city of Medina.

Reaching the city marks a major milestone for Hadzic who, after taking off on his journey from northern Bosnia on December 10 last year, is now only several hundred kilometres away from his target of Mecca.

The 47-year-old has faced many difficulties along the way, including trekking through war-zones, severe heat and being held up on the Saudi Arabian border for two months, but he can now see the end in sight.

With the 2012 Hajj not due to commence for another six days, no doubt Senad is rewarding himself with a little bit of 'rest' before the process begins - if you label 'rest' as walking around to check out all the historic landmarks (such as the Prophet's Mosque) that are located in Medina!

Congratulations and well done, Senad.


  1. Very well done. My hearty congratulions to Mr. Hedziç , his family and to all who played a direct or indirect role in this remarkable endeavour.

    As i always put it. Adventures like this need 30% fitness and 70% strong will power and commitment to the cause.

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  3. good mate, i try to read senad's FB page but it's in bosnian language, hopefully you can update it...